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In today’s digital age, there’s a baffling array of marketing techniques available to promote your business or product.  From the traditional techniques of door-to-door salesmen and leafleting campaigns to modern targeted internet advertising and search engine optimisation, you have plenty of choices for each campaign. If you want to get your marketing campaign to succeed, you’ll find these three steps are vital.

Target your audience

The first step in getting any message across is to know who you’re trying to connect with. Identifying the potential audience for your product or business helps you to understand them, how they live and how they spend their money. Mosaic from Experian provides a wealth of demographic data which businesses can use to refine the way they target their audience and develop their message.

Decide on your message.

Once you know your audience, you can craft your message. By combining the details you have on the demographic target audience with the unique selling points of your product or business, you will have the foundation of a strong and appealing message. However, between knowing what you want to say and knowing how to say it, there’s a creative line that some simply don’t want to cross. Hiring a copywriter can take that stress away from you, and the Professional Copywriters Network provides some helpful advice on how to find the right copywriter.

Use appropriate media

Based on your target audience, the message and information you want to convey and the product or business to be promoted, there will be a range of suitable media options for you to use. Combining media will often produce favourable responses; customers who don’t respond well to visual media such as leaflets and posters may be more easily swayed by radio advertising, and vice versa. Leaflet campaigns are still popular, and can be enhanced with a range of modern media on a surprisingly affordable basis. For example, you can create an interactive brochure and use a CD replication specialist like Liquid Bubble Duplication to produce high-quality copies for your targeted distribution list; this will often have the effect of making the consumer feel valued, as they feel that they have received something of more worth than a simple paper leaflet. With appropriate content, such CDs can also be used in other marketing techniques, for example at tradeshows, in stores, by salespeople, and to showcase your portfolio to potential partner companies, allowing you to convey a modern multimedia message without relying on an internet connection to bring the audience to your website.

By carefully targeting your audience, crafting a strong, cohesive message and using the right media to reach them, you’ll find that getting your message across clearly becomes much easier.

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Improving your product sales can seem like an uphill struggle at times and it can seem impossible to get your product noticed on any kind of serious scale. Getting your product noticed by customers is crucial in order to make a success of your company and secure continued success. There are certain tried and tested ways of getting your product to sell well, and adhering to them will give you the best chance of success.


Business FocusFirst of all it is important to ensure that your product is conceived in a way that guarantees that it will have the best possible chance of success. The first step in ensuring your product is going to sell well is to establish that there is a market for your product. If there isn’t a demand then it doesn’t matter how brilliant you consider your products to be; they simply will not sell. Establishing a market and the size of the market is crucial, but it can be difficult for new companies to establish whether or not a market exists for their product. Many companies carry out surveys to establish this fact, but these can be rather inconclusive and it is better to approach a market research expert such as TNS Global to help with establishing a market. By using unique and unbiased insight into the market they will be able to assess the potential for the success of any product. These market research companies can also help you to certify that you are marketing your product at the correct age range.


Another stumbling block that many companies come unstuck on are where there product is placed within a retail store; and this can have a huge impact on the success of an item. When a product launches it is important to send out placement guidelines to retailers to establish that your products are being displayed properly. It is highly advisable to implement some kind of special display stand for your product when launched, as it will set it apart from other products in the store and create a buzz around it. If you are unsure about exactly how to place your product, then getting in touch with a product placement expert such as New Media Group will make certain that you have the advice that you need.


dream big packagingPackaging is absolutely key to making your product stand out and getting it right can be the difference between the success and failure of a product. Ensuring that your product sticks out to the customer is crucial, and it is a factor that must be expertly controlled to assure you of maximum impact on the customer. Customers are impacted by several factors on a product’s packaging, and first among these is the visual effect that it creates. It must stand out to them and obviously state what it contains and what the product can do. The tactility of a product’s packaging also has a huge impact on the perceived quality of a product and using the right materials can make all of the difference. If you need help getting the packaging right for your product then an expert in product packaging such as Think Tank Media can help you to certify that your product is given the best chance of success.


Whatever your product and whatever kind of markets you are trying to break into it is crucial to take the correct steps in the right order to allow your product the best chance of becoming a successful product. Getting a product that sells successfully will not happen by accident, and the companies that do well in the market are those that have an ability to look at a product objectively before putting it into production.

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Advertisements and promotion by companies are processes that are often done with one main reason in mind: to increase product profitability. How effective these procedures are is heavily reliant on a few factors including the form of communication used (TV, email etc), the target audience size and most importantly, the marketing plan put in place by the marketing team. Having the backing of an experienced and competent marketing team is fundamental for brand success especially if you are in a highly competitive industry. Here are some tips to encourage improvement within your marketing department.


The continuous improvement approiStock_000005857420XSmallach

It is essential that every member of the marketing team understands how important it is to focus on continuous quality increase in terms of marketing plans. A marketing plan should be considered a map for the future, with targets and goals set for assessing campaign performances. The campaign’s success should be assessed at given intervals for example annually and compared to previous performances. If you wish to strengthen your marketing team’s knowledge regarding continuous development even further, invest in marketing seminars from Fame Foundation.


Make your brand stand for something

Customers need to be convinced they are associating themselves with a brand that is straightforward and is all about good cause. Through strong organisational values and visions, you can explain the company’s direction to customers and inspire them to becoming part of a loyal fan base. It is important to make sure the brand is easily identified by both current and potential business partners and customers to boost competitive advantage. Using portable display stands from Skyline Whitespace which are designed to boost and reinforce your brand image is a good idea when exhibiting at PR events like trade fairs.


Keep up to date and stay ahead

Marketers’ jobs have become tougher than ever because of non-stop innovation in many industries. Marketing personnel need to maintain a close relationship with their companies’ innovators while also keeping a close eye on rivals’ marketing strategies so that they develop even better strategies themselves. Using in-house social media, you can easily follow rival companies and make sure your own message is instantly conveyed to masses of recipients. If you are unsure about using online facilities, companies like JC Social Media offer social media training to help you eradicate any risks.


There are many ways marketers can use brand promotion to help facilitate successful sales volumes and out-do competition. Marketing is not only simply observing the obvious but also paying attention to the bigger picture to be able to exploit every possible target there is.

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